Are you preparing for the UPSC 2018? What is your strategy?

By- Praveen Kante, studied at Vajiram & Ravi

Yes! I’m preparing very hard for 2018, Time is the most important resource for anyone! I started my UPSC journey on July 2016, the mistake I’ve Made was I joined in coaching (vajiram and ravi).

Mistake in the sense that really I didn’t have minimum time to prepare for the exam, so I don’t even have a time table, as i am in coaching ie time management is like:

general studies class—3 hours

Optional class—3 hours

CSAT class-3 hours

Sleep—7 hours

Food break—2 hours

Journey to my room and institute-1 hour

Total=19 hours

The only time I had was 5 hours (talking to parents, bathing etc and in the remaining time I’ve to study!!) And other than what they taught me in class, I’ve also prepared myself​ parallelly

I started NCERT books.

And this is my procedure and books I’ve Read:

1.Started with NCERT books(Basic)

I mean picked one Subject and took all the years subject books of that subject from 6–12th standard-tried to finish one book in one week with basic understanding of what you are reading.

I searched for questions based only on NCERT books so after reading a book tried to​answer them.

2. Then advance level; Bought a most reputable standard book for that subject and read that in 20 days(that’s based on your capacity)


1) Introduction to the Constitution of India 20 Edition

2) India Since Independence – Bipan Chandra

3) India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipan Chandra

4) Indian Economy : For Civil Services Examinations 6th Edition (2014) – Ramesh Singh

5) Laxmikanth- Indian Polity 5th Edition

6)Geography of India- Majid Hussain – 5th Edition

7) Ethics In Governance

8)India After Gandhi: The History Of The World’s Largest Democracy

9) Mastering Modern World History -5th Edition, Norman Lowe

10) Select Constitutions: 16th Edition – S Chand

11) Environment by Shankar IAS

12) Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong

13) India’s National Security – A Reader

14) Indian Social System – Ram Ahuja

After reading these books, all the static part of syllabus will get covered and revise these books as much times as possible!

3.Now I tested myself by doing McQ’s on that subject-i don’t get panicked after getting very less score coz that’s just the beginning

Now evaluated what happened wrong I mean in which topics I’m lagging then go through that again.

This is subject wise approach and general approach is also the same.

The most important thing is making a habit of reading newspaper (you have to master the newspaper to complete in an hour-i didn’t did that).

Took notes of important articles.Read monthly magazines for current affairs of vision IAS and did test series of vision IAS and insights on India, I didn’t​ got More than 70 marks in test series!

Finally my coaching completed in April 2017 and I’ve only 2 months so I thought I don’t give this attempt and i didn’t (I’m satisfied with my decision coz this year paper was very tough)

Now I’m preparing hard to get ready for next year 2018

Right now: As I got time I’m revising all the books I’ve Read and practicing answer writing a bit. Getting to know all the important issues around world, and trying not to repeat same mistakes again.

I made some mistakes during preparation, if anyone want to go through: How I wasted one year time and 5 lakhs Money during my Goal (IAS)achieving process by Praveen Kante on My journey to rock bottom

Thank you and all the best


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