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Debates Around Uniform Civil Code?

UPSC 2015 Question on same Topic

Q- Discuss the possible factors that inhibit India From enacting for its citizens a uniform civil code as Provided for in the directive Principle of State Policy? UPSC 2015, Mains GS2.

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downloadLet’s debate Uniform Civil Code because we’ve long ignored real minorities

In fact: Equality, freedom the key issues in continuing Uniform Civil Code debate. 
In the case against implementation of a Uniform Civil Code in India, it is often argued that since India is a secular, democratic republic and since its Constitution guarantees minorities the right to follow their own religion, culture and customs, implementing a common code of personal laws covering property, marriage, divorce, inheritance and succession would go against India’s secular fabric.This argument which opponents of UCC repeatedly fall back on, is specious. In fact, by conveniently conflating several issues, bodies like the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) seek to actually undermine democracy’s basic duty, i.e., protecting the rights of minorities, thereby going against the fundamental principle of any constitutional democracy. If that sounds self-contradictory, it isn’t.

But a word first on the context of the present argument. The Centre has reportedly asked the Law Commission, which has an advisory role on legal reform, to examine the implications of implsupreme-court (1)ementing a uniform civil code. Though the BJP has long argued for a national debate on this issue, despite being in power it has so far been unwilling to pick up the topic. law ministry has written to the Law Commission to examine the matter in relation to uniform civil code and submit a report. The ministry has also sent related documents to the Commission, which is currently headed by retired Supreme Court Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan. The panel will submit a report after discussions with experts and stakeholders. Read More…

Importance:- GS2 Indian Polity (Civil Services).

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Uniform civil code evokes mixed response