BRICS Leaders Xiamen Declaration Xiamen, China, 4 September 2017

BRICS Leaders Xiamen Declaration Xiamen, China, 4 September 2017

  1. We, the Leaders of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa, met on 4 September 2017 in Xiamen, China, at the Ninth BRICS Summit. Under the theme “BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future”, we endeavor to build on our achievements already made with a shared vision for future development of BRICS. We also discussed international and regional issues of common concern and adopted the Xiamen Declaration by consensus.
  2. We reiterate that it is the overarching objective and our desire for peace, security, development and cooperation that brought us together 10 years ago. BRICS countries have since traversed a remarkable journey together on their respective development paths tailored to their national circumstances, devoted to growing their economies and improving people’s livelihoods. Our committed and concerted efforts have generated a momentum of all-dimensional and multi-layered cooperation fostered by the previous Leaders’ Summits. Upholding development and multilateralism, we are working together for a more just, equitable, fair, democratic and representative international political and economic order.

  3. Our cooperation since 2006 has fostered the BRICS spirit featuring mutual respect and understanding, equality, solidarity, openness, inclusiveness and mutually beneficial cooperation, which is our valuable asset and an inexhaustible source of strength for BRICS cooperation. We have shown respect for the development paths of our respective choices, and rendered understanding and support to each other’s interests. We have upheld equality and solidarity. We have also embraced openness and inclusiveness, dedicated to forging an open world economy. We have furthered our cooperation with emerging markets and developing countries (EMDCs). We have worked together for mutually beneficial outcomes and common development, constantly deepening BRICS practical cooperation which benefits the world at large.

  4. We draw satisfaction from the many fruitful results of our cooperation, including establishing the New Development Bank (NDB) and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), formulating the Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership, strengthening political and security cooperation including through Meetings of BRICS High Representatives for Security Issues and Foreign Ministers Meetings, and deepening the traditional ties of friendship amongst our peoples. 5. Recalling our Summits in Ufa and Goa, we will work together to further enhance BRICS strategic partnership for the welfare of our peoples. We commit ourselves to build upon the outcomes and consensus of our previous Summits with unwavering conviction, so as to usher in the second golden decade of BRICS cooperation and solidarity. 6. Believing in the broad development prospects of our countries and the vast potential of our cooperation, we have full confidence in the future of BRICS. We commit to further strengthen our cooperation.


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PM’s intervention at the BRICS Plenary Session

PM Modi today said that BRICS had developed a robust framework for cooperation and it contributed stability and growth in a world drifting towards uncertainty. He stressed on furthering collaboration in sectors like agriculture, energy, sports, environment, ICT and culture.


PM’s intervention at the BRICS Plenary Session

BRICS Leaders Xiamen Declaration Xiamen, China, 4 September 2017

PM Modi remarked that India was in a mission mode to eradicate poverty, ensure better healthcare, food security, sanitation, energy and education for all. He added that the women empowerment programmes were productivity multipliers which brought women in the mainstream of nation development.

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The Prime Minister urged for an early creation of BRICS rating agency to cater to needs of sovereign and corporate entities of developing countries. “Our Central Banks must further strengthen their capabilities & promote co-operation between the Contingent Reserve Arrangement & the IMF”, he added.


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Stressing on vitality of renewable energy, PM Modi said, “Affordable, reliable & sustainable access to energy is crucial for development of our nations.” He urged BRICS nations to work closely on International Solar Alliance.

Speaking about tapping the potential of youth, PM Modi said, “We need to mainstream our youth in our joint initiatives, scale up cooperation in skill development and exchange of best practices.”

Continuing dialogue at 8th BRICS Summit in Goa, PM Modi emphazised need to accelerate track of cooperation in smart cities, urbanization and disaster management.

The PM further said that a strong BRICS partnership on innovation and digital economy could spur growth, promote transparency and support the SDGs. The PM also welcomed cooperation for capacity building between BRICS & African countries in area of skills, health, infrastructure, manufacturing and connectivity.

Source : PM Sent To MEDIA

PM’s intervention at the BRICS Plenary Session September 4, 2017

BRICS Leaders Xiamen Declaration Xiamen, China, 4 September 2017

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