December 1, 2020

Chandrayaan-2 now 3 steps closer to moon: ISRO

Indian Space Research Organisation was successful today in completing the third earthbound orbit raising manoeuvres of Chandrayaan-2 satellite.

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In a tweet, the Indian Space agency has stated that after performing the third orbit raising manoeuvre today, the satellite is three steps closer to the moon. Chandrayaan-2 comprising of the orbiter, the lander Vikram and rover Pragyan was launched by GSLV Mark III launch vehicle from Sriharikota on July 22.

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The fourth orbit-raising manoeuvre will take place on Friday. Covering a distance of 3.84 lakh kilometres from Earth, Chandrayaan 2 is expected to reach lunar orbit by mid-August and the lander carrying the rover in it is, expected to soft-land in the south pole of Moon on September 7.


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