Clarification regarding JEE (Main) Examination by CBSE

The weblink carried a news item that 7-8 questions out of the 90 questions of JEE 2018 paper were carried from a model paper of a coaching institution by the name of Narayana  Academy.  In this context, CBSE has stated that these questions or items did not exist in 2016.  Giving more details,  CBSE has explained that the JEE question papers are prepared in original by over 100 item writers.  These item writers are subject experts.  They prepare over 1500 items over a period of two months during the year of the exam.  All these questions are prepared by the item writers in original and they are handwritten.   After that, 90 questions are drawn randomly and 8-9 sets are created.  Any one set is randomly picked for use in JEE.

According to CBSE,   the said 7-8 questions were prepared in original by 7 different item writers and were handwritten. After this, the moderator made many handwritten changes too.  Followed by this, the vetter also made handwritten changes.  The final handwritten version was ready only about 2-3 months back, after which it was sent to the confidential printer.

CBSE states that it is indeed very strange that handwritten changes in all these 7 questions that CBSE has record of, appear exactly in a so-called website claiming to belong to a particular coaching institute and also claiming to be two years old.  It may be mentioned here that the Press has also carried the statement of the said coaching institute today stating that the items have been doctored to spoil the image of the said coaching institute.

 CBSE reiterates that all these 7-8 items/questions were originally written only about two to three months back and they cannot and could not have figured in any model paper by any coaching institutions two years back.   There is an atmosphere of falsities and rumour mongering being deliberately perpetuated against a prestigious organisation like CBSE.  CBSE appeals to all not to pay heed to such falsities.

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