November 26, 2020

What are some of the most difficult questions asked in an interview?

Trilok Singh

Please don’t post anymore of these;

jumping out of window

egg cracking on floor

how many pieces of glass on floor.


Prove infinity=infinity.

By- Akshay BapatThis was asked in my IIM-C interview (February 2016). It was a math-based brain teaser.

Interviewer: (After drawing two lines on a page, one short line AB and one long line CD) How many points in line AB?
Me: Infinite.

Interviewer: And how many in CD?
Me: Infinite.

Interviewer: Does line CD have more points than AB since it is longer?
Me: Nothing can be more infinite or less infinite so both have the same number of points.

Interviewer: Correct. So prove that both lines AB and CD have the same number of points.

I thought for 3-4 minutes. Played around with the lines but unfortunately nothing hit me at that moment.


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