Does Every government in India has failed to fulfill the needs of a farmer?

1947-2017 on wards, Every government in India has failed to fulfill the needs of a farmer. If you look at the situation it is hard for a farmer to survive as the conditions are not that suitable. I don’t know if I’m wrong, but the thing that’s bothering me is, why should government waive a loan of farmer?

I’m from Bihar, Madhepura Dist. Where 90% public is dependent on farming, but I don’t see anything genuine reason in maharashtra for recent demand which is coined by farmers leaders… Further, Farmers should demand for facility, guidance or high rates etc. But going on strike will put them in bad loss. I feel it’s nothing but a politics behind this strike.

At the end nobody will help farmer, they are getting used by some party against some other party. I think Strike is not an option because it is a loss of farmer not of Government but Government should take farmer seriously as they are the need of society or growth. The Recent issue could have been easily solved if the so called farmers leaders would have worked out their way within the government.

Moreover, the current framer leaders and their organizations notably “Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatna” is the part of ruling government one of their top brass leader is part of Modi led NDA alliance and what they are doing is staging protest and wasting precious food resources against the same government they are part of… Some will say that the farmers leaders were not having proper voice within government. For such people it’s time to ask your good leaders why they are still the part of government they are protesting against.

What are their Main demands?

In Short; First, Loan waiver (Complete loan waiver to all the farmers of maharashtra). Second, A fixed price for agricultural produce. Third, 24/7 Electricity Supply. Fourth, Implement Swaminathan Commission’s Report. Fifth, Pension for Farmers. Sixth, Loan without interest etc…

Importantly, Excluding first one 2nd and 3rd demands appear fair, but why should farmers loan be waived every 10–15 years? If you can’t run a profitable business that means you are doing it wrong. Asking loan waiver every now and then is not a permanent solution. It’s the farmers who have to gear up their knowledge of farming, better understand the market, evaluate their soil and plan accordingly.

The farmers seriously need to think about their leadership and their aversion towards their own profession. It may look lucrative to hold a protest on road with few hundred others, but during the clamities these few hundred others will be not their to support you they will be first to run along with so called farmers leaders.

One final message for protestors and their supporters “Their is noting such as free lunch on this Earth” today you may get the loan waived off but tomorrow you will be made to pay that money in some other way.

More Importantly, The newly formed Uttar Pradesh government under Yogi Adityanath announced loan waivers to farmers. This led to farmers from other parts demanding the same. Maharashtra government has also announced that a committee would study the modalities of the loan waiver scheme. Now, this fire will spread in other states as well. How can a decision taken by Uttar Pradesh, be replicated for the rest of India?

Any conspiracy of political forces behind this Protest?

Politics comes later, especially in this farmers’ agitation. The basic reason of this violent outburst, as I have told, is the growing anger among farmers. They needed an outlet and it took an unfortunate turn. How long can a poor farmer continue fighting for his rights? However, there are opportunists who have now jumped into the fray to fulfil their ulterior motives. There are hooligans, too, who want take advantage of this agitation under the garb of protecting farmers. Farmers may have angst within themselves but they can’t resort to criminal acts of this kind.


First, Technology and Youth also becomes important with the same regard, Now a days very few people wants to do farming even a son of a farmer don’t want to go towards farming as he knows the problems in it. Technological advancement in the agriculture field can help in improving the productivity and it can also attract youth toward farming.

  • Encouraging private players to contribute in creating better storage and transportation facilities
  • Educating farmers about better post-harvesting technologies
  • Locally-specific farm mechanisation to improve storage
  • Standardising farm operations and ensuring better transport facilities for food and food products
  • Encouraging consumers to eat what is produced locally

Second, Remove Middleman; Middleman is in every field now a days. If a farmer is going to APMC (Agricultural Produce Market Committee) then he have to go through the middleman there. Which is the reason why farmer is not getting proper price for their produce.

Third, Prof Swaminathan urges Govt to implement Farmers’ Commission Report for support price of grains.Prof M S Swaminathan, Agriculture Scientist has urged the Government to accept and implement the Farmers’ Commission Report, with regard to Minimum Support Price for grains set at production cost plus 50% citing the need to safeguard interests of small farmers and the increasing risk of taking up agriculture as a profession due to adverse incidents caused by climate change.

In a statement issued today on the subject, Prof Swaminathan said “Our green revolution has been sustained only because of public procurement of wheat and rice at a fairly reasonable MSP. In the Farmers’ Commission Report, we have recommended that MSP should be the total cost of production plus 50%. Unfortunately a recent Panel set up by the Govt. of India has recommended only a margin of about 10% more than the cost of production.

There is no other profession which has such low return. At the same time, farming is the riskiest profession in the world due to uncertain weather conditions arising from climate change.  The future will belong to nations with grains and not guns. Further, agriculture is the major livelihood industry in our country. It is our duty to safeguard the interest of small farmers who have limited marketable surplus and this is why I urge the govt. to implement our recommendation that MSP should be set at cost plus 50% return. This is the only way for attracting and retaining youth in farming, for bringing small farmers out of the poverty trap and for ensuring sustainable food security for a projected human population of 1.5 billion.”His statement comes in the wake of reports that a recent panel set up by the Government of India has recommended only 10% margin over cost of production, which is far lower than what was recommended by the Farmers’ Commission…


Farmers in many parts of India are largely dependent on timely rainfall for harvest and subsequent profits. Uncertainty surrounding this phenomenon has also haunted them since the beginning of civilization. Over time however, this uncertainty had reduced significantly as farmers back in the day could almost accurately plant crops based on previous experience with weather conditions. This wisdom has been passed on from one generation of farmers to the other. Gradual onset of global warming and climate changes, over the last century, have slowly-yet steadily put this wisdom out of use. As for rain-fed farmers preparing for agriculture, soil-water equation is fragile and any delay in rainfall could easily mar the harvest. Food wastage due to lack of storage and transportation facilities, The amounts of food wasted in the country puts huge pressure on agriculture to produce more crops. Lack of storage and transportation facilities leads to a situation where a significant proportion of the agricultural produce is spoiled before it reaches the market. This leads to reduced returns for the farmers and is also inefficient from the economic point of view.

(Trilok Singh; The writer/Author, is currently Honorary Student, Kirori Mal College, DU, Department Of political Science and Founder/CEO at IASmind & India’s Journals).

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