Five important things for CSE by Deep Shikha, Atul roy and Christopher Anand

Deep Shikha, cleared mains 2015-first attempt
    1. Have a strong reason- If one is preparing for this exam, it means s/he has solid reason, but need is to know what is it. Otherwise sustaining around one and half year is difficult.
    2. Prepare long term, short term and one day plan- it doesn’t mean u must stick to each plan. There can be delay in daily plans but somehow u must attain short term goals closely and certainly long term goals.
    3. Get time to chill out- I decided to spend each sec when I don’t study with family. Because only here I forgetl stress, I talk things apart from books. So find your own. It’s not possible to stay in routine daily from 6–10. So try to maintain it maximum, when u can’t maintain, don’t waste rest day thinking about it.

  1. Be confident- throughout preparation and specially on day of exam, you must be sure that you know it all. Questions are same for all. From my experience I can say that confidence matters the most, if you are confident with good preparation, then day is yours.
  2. Do not compare your life with others- when we prepare for exam, everyone else is doing job, doing PhD, marrying etc etc. I would suggest to be away from social networking sites so that you don’t keep seeing what others are doing in their life. Please don’t compare yourself with others. Believe in yourself. For getting great things in life, one must have patience.

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