How do we Make Self-Notes effectively from Hindu Newspaper for IAS exam?

By- Surabhi Gautam, IES Officer at Indian Railways.

Surabhi Gautam, To read the hindu or indian express has been a crucial advice for every upsc aspirant. It really is a time consuming task to read the whole paper and then make notes. for beginners i will suggest that it is better to follow insightsonindia daily current affairs first after reading the hindu or IE, this will give you an idea of what note making actually is. also you can save notes given by laexcellence website on daily news analysis. keep the syllabus with you and the moment you read any news keep in mind where it falls in the syllabus. accordingly you can pick and note the articles.

also you can divide your notebook in sections like polity,economy,history etc and write only relevent things on respective subjects. this way it will be easy for you to revise the notes. for pre and mains, the process has to be bit different. prelims is mostly factual so keep the facts at one place on notebook from newspaper. for mains keep the topics enlisted and put the news sectionwise. better is to use evernote for this., The Hindu is one of the leading daily newspaper in India & the content of the Hindu is very very relevant for UPSC Exam’s. will try to address it from Prelims, Mains & Interview point of view so that it becomes easy for your future. A person just started with UPSC preparation always finds it difficult & complains about spending too much time reading the newspapers. And it is a genuine concern because if one spends 3-4 hours for newspaper, then his/her concern is justified.

Further, Times of India is also one of the leading daily newspaper in India & the content of The Times of India is relevant for UPSC Exam’s. will try to address it from Prelims Mains & Interview point of view so that it becomes easy for your future. Syllabus & pattern of UPSC before jumping to prepare from newspaper. Trilok Singh suggest you to read the syllabus thoroughly, because it will help you in picking-up the right articles/issues from the newspaper, while leaving out irrelevent ones from the exam perspective. It will also reduce your time spend on the Newspapers, as you will know which articles to read and which articles to skip.

Furthermore, ECONOMIC SURVEY, A flagship annual document of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India,Economic Survey reviews the developments in the Indian economy over the previous 12 months, summarizes the performance on major development programs, and highlights the policy initiatives of the government and the prospects of the economy in the short to medium term. This document is presented to both houses of the Session.


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