IAS Prelims+Mains 2017-18 and Current Affairs by Dr. Ravi Agrahari to IASmind

Dr. Ravi Agrahari : My current Guide and Ex-Prof. at Rau’s IAS Study Circle, Scientist at IIT, Delhi. Importantly, he is a current intellectual Scientist on for Science and Technology, Disaster Management, Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity. See, Environment & Ecology For IAS Main’s & PT 2016-17Disaster Management For IAS Main’s 2016-17 Model Solved Questions. He also deals with huge IAS institutions as well as Sites. Here is the links and video which is given by Agrahari to IASmind

Updates, For 2017-18. 

Today, lecture video sent by him with the source of Kumar Bhaskar to IASmind.

Science & Tech. for IAS Main’s 2016-17

Disaster Management For IAS Main’s 2016-17 Model Solved Questions

Updates, For 2017-18.

Essay Paper, Tips for Beginners

India bridge could spark tension with China