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Sri Lankan Culture in The United States

One of the most important features of the Sri Lankan culture is its festivals which are also a major tourist attraction. Located in the south of the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka (previously Ceylon) has different landscapes ranging from rainforests, beaches and tea plantations to older Buddhist ruins and progressive urban cities. Its culture also has a colonial impact and renovation to some extent.

Diversity can be seen in the enriching landscape, and people with different religion and linguistic living in Sri Lanka. The country tends to recognize themselves according to their customs, relations, belief or birthplace and will often stay faithful to those a component of those groups.

Religious places

In Sri Lanka, the majority of the people are Sinhalese. However, there are large communities of Muslims, Malays, Tamils, and Burghers. All of them contribute to building this country a rich and lively society. When you walk down the road in Colombo or any city across the country, you will get to see religious places from different religion such as temples, churches, mosques and Buddhist temples.


A vast network of Archeological museums and national museums, preserved by the Sri Lankan government are spread across the nation and gives a mesmerizing sight into the cultural heritage, tradition and natural history.

Festivals and Pereharas

A particular cultural Perahara parade, known as Perahara is presented in Sri Lanka to showcase different religion, culture, and art at one place. These parades show music and the folk dance forms. Drummers, dancers, and flag bearers embody various states. Perahara displays the creative talent, ancient culture and colorful heritage of Sri Lanka. The Kandy Perehara is known as the most remarkable events in Asia.


Sinhala and Tamil are the two major languages spoken in this country, whereas English is spoken by around 10% of people. A part of the population also speaks Portuguese Creole.

Historical places

Sri Lanka is also famous for its eight varied UNESCO World Heritage spots. One of the most popular places is called Sigiriya. It is known for its tall rock that stands 201m (660 ft). It was once a palace that was covered with frescoes. Now, it’s a Buddhist monastery. Now Sigiriya is a popular tourist destination and a major model of ancient urban development.

The Festivals

In Sri Lanka, several festivals are celebrated all through the year. Two of the most important festivals are the Tamil and Sinhala’s new year’s celebration in April. The New Year brings interesting religious events, conventional games and activities start taking place where Sri Lankan wear traditional dresses.

The Food

Sri Lanka is famous for its different kinds of herbs and spices such as cinnamon. People here use spices generously in their foods to make it unique. This island is also one of the biggest tea manufacturers in the world. People in Sri Lanka love to drink tea on a regular basis, it’s served with breakfast, at festivals and a social get-together.

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Sri Lankan Culture in The United States

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