Just Think : “Reliance Jio Food Or Education”, Offers?

Trilok Singh : India Need “Reliance Jio Food Or Reliance Jio Education”, types of offer to eradicate hunger, poverty, illiteracy etc from India.” Not “Jio Unlimited Recharge offers” and reliance fresh, which can not fulfill the requirements of poor communities or marginalised section in India. God and poor people blessed him if Reliance launched above kind of offers for poor or what we can say deprived section in India.

The Communication Recharge offer discourse in India has undergone huge change in the wake of “tax reform era, 2017”. In other words, “Crisis of Globalisation and the rise of populism Scenario”. The present form of government has been accused of favouring the corporates, rich, powerful, and privileged from the very beginning. More specifically, to serve the agenda of “Company Raj2 upcoming model”. Some of top Author/prof. argue that, Its all about right wing populism concerns. Populist space that have explore..

Dr. Ajay Gudhavarthy and Trilok Singh.

The rise of right-wing politics in India is built on the fragmented nature of the struggles waged by the oppressed who constitute the vast majority of the population: “lower” castes, adivasis, working classes and peasants, women, religious minorities, etc. Countering right-wing political imagination would mean a dismantling of caste-, class-, gender- and religion-based oppressions. This cannot happen without forging a commonality among the oppressed which is at once non-patronising as well as self-critical. Dr. Ajay Gudavarthy, India’s Journals and EPW.

In my words, Now Communication is no longer a exercise which can be carried out merely by the government of the day in terms of infrastructure and tangible notion but at the same time it is a conceptualizations of human freedom that enable him/her to attain the highest possible goals through democratic means. In this very writing attempt has been made to understand the changing notion of Communication recharge offers and the major contemporary discourse about the same. How can Reliance jio provide cheap data and still can make profit? is there any trick or secret strategy?

Moreover, “Government’s mission on inducing cashless society and online transaction are the biggest plus for the Reliance Jio”. Extending the free offer till March is another business trick to add new customers to Jio. This will make the Jio as the largest network by the end 2017. Further, Reliance Jio can become profitable by 2020, if average revenue per user (ARPU) is increased to Rs 218 in 2018, Rs 209 in 2019, and Rs 233 in 2020. At its current ARPU, it will still make some losses (of about $854 million in 2020).

So far, the Narendra Modi government and Reliance Industry has done very little to address the problem of Poverty, hunger, slums managements, digital security, education and health…. The government started on a controversial note. PM Modi’s selection to head the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (HRD) raised questions about the importance of education under this dispensation as it showed scant regard for education in spite of the fact that the “Sangh Parivar” and “Corporates Parivar” takes education and such other sectors very seriously.

Ambani Should Make “RELIANCE JIO FOOD or Jio Education” to feed all poor peoples of our Country (India) and eradicates hunger, poverty, illiteracy etc from India. I don’t think he will do anything non-profitable for himself…

If there was any kind of understanding between the PMO and Reliance, the ad further shows how insensitive they are to worker, poor, and disenfranchised, because the ad came out on a day when an all-India strike against the government’s labour policies was taking place. Will jio eventually take down the entire telecom Industry? Airtel and vodafone feeling the intense heat now. I know very well that healthy competition will surely be good for consumers. Surely data uses of India is growing exponetially. So, there is need for new?

However, Ever since Reliance Jio made its appearance, India has been delighted with the concept of ‘unlimited’ offers from internet to calling. Meanwhile, a pani puri vendor in Gujarat took inspiration from Reliance Jio to create some unlimited offers of his own – for pani puri.

Street food vendor Ravi Jagdamba from Porbandar recently created a daily and monthly scheme for pani puri servings. For Rs.100 his customers can enjoy unlimited pani puris for one day while for Rs.1000 they can avail of unlimited pani puris for a month. The vendor has even renamed his pan puri stall ‘Jio’. Since his plan inception, customers have been visiting Jagdamba’s stall by the drove; we’re sure it won’t be long before vendors in other cities come up with ‘Jio’ plans of their own.

How Can Jio Provides cheap data and still can make profit? Is there any trick or secret strategy?

reliance-jio-vs-bharti-airtel-3g-4g-capacityThere are offering low price data on 4G. They will have an advantage of acquiring the data savvy customers which is actually the future generations of the mobile subscribes..

next generation will use more data for APPS (Video chat and voice calling), online movies, online games etc. so, this how reliance will profit apart from providing 4G Services. no doubt telecommunication ecosystem in India was in dire need of a violent shake-up. And the same has delivered.

All the channels and news papers have been highlighting that the data charges on jio is as low as Rs 50/GB. This is actually highly misleading because that the data chargesLow rates of rs.50/GB would be applicable only when you  BUY the high end monthly pack of RS 4,999/- per month and in that pack you get around 75GB which roughly translated to RS 50/GB. But in a normal pack like RS 4,999, you get only 4gb, which translates to around RS 100/GB…

Delhi CM, Mr. Kejriwal said that “ISME MODI KA HATH HAI”. Also Some of my friends told me that, Reliance is the biggest fraud company in telecom sector, it will attract peoples 1st and afterwards will put undue charges on the customers. Initally it did same for 2G sims also back in 2006.

These aspersions on the transparency with which Jio has established itself though are only half of the bit on which the PM’s participation in the ad can be questioned.

So, Reliance Jio follows the same business model as Uber or Ola. The company, backed by billions of dollars, is trying to capture a huge market and then monetise it while suffering minimum attrition. It has become the mantra for modern businesses and with a sufficiently big wallet, has a pretty good success rate. With Jio, lets wait and watch…

Significantly, In the 45 minute speech given by Mr. Mukesh Ambani, the shares of telecom giants such as Idea and Bharti Airtel tumbled a lot. While everyone is thinking what they can download with their free or peanut priced data, the restaurants can see some shine in their mirrors due to the new JIO offers.

Despite all this, it can perhaps be argued that the PM appearing in the ad is no surprise, for the above is a criticism that that he does not seem to care about. The development of the nation- an entity bound more by imagination than anything- is apparently of more significance to him than the real lives of the people who inhabit its geographical boundaries.

Today reliance has done this, but tomorrow BSNL, AIRTEL, VODAFONE etc… will with more Cheap rates and better data who gained? I think the reliance policy good’s for consumer, above are Just one example. so, we can say that it is good news for consumers or Users.This is good for India’s economy and at the same time provide a good service to millions of people. This forces other players to invest more into their own infrastructure. Airtel have already announced that they will invest 60,000crore in modernizing their network.


We can just think about these kind of concept, “RELIANCE JIO FOOD or RELIANCE JIO EDUCATION”. Still, I don’t think he will do anything non-profitable for himself. He just trying to fire surplus own Industries. Its really becomes wonderful concept when Reliance and company think about this to cycling poverty, hunger, illiteracy and much more… However, UN officials estimate that half the world does not have reliable access—especially women and girls, whose education is vital to development. It’s part of a stated UN effort to bring Internet access to “everyone in the world by 2020” so that extreme poverty can be eradicated by 2030. In India, the Centre’s Digital India program is also a step in that direction. Clearly, reduction of poverty through Internet isn’t an outlandish idea any more.

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