How do I keep motivating myself for IAS preparations? By- Sunny Pandey

I am currently attending GS batch of Vajiram & Ravi and it takes me around 3–4 hrs every day(round trip) to commute Vajiram from my home. Usually I travel by metro, but today I boarded DTC bus. I took the seat behind the conductor. When the bus reached Dhaula Kuan on NH8, a young guy entered the bus and sat next to me.

I was disturbed with couple of events in last few weeks and one of them was pace of preparation. I really wanted to distract myself and one of the ways was to talk to random people which would engage me and therefore my mind won’t get diverted towards those issues.

This guy, from his outfit appeared not from a financially well off family. I initiated the conversation.

Me : Where are you going?

Him: I am going to IFFCO chowk (Gurgaon) and from there I will go to Udyog Vihar

Me : What do you do?

Him : I work in a chemical factory. And you?

Me : I am studying for a sarkari naukri exam.(I didn’t tell him I am preparing for UPSC as it would not have made sense to him)

Him : That’s great. You are very lucky.

I smiled ( Lucky? Yeah right. You have no idea what’s going in my life) I asked him about his family, recent demonetization impact etc.

Him : I lost my father 11 years ago. My mother worked as a daily wage laborer at Jhajjar. I have a younger brother. I left school when I was in 5 standard and decided to support family. I worked in a dhaba for few years till I got job in this factory. I stay in Sultanpuri and commute for 8 hours everyday. I earn Rs.10,000 a month and out of it I give Rs.9000 to my mother. I took up the job as didn’t like my mother working in farms and moreover I wanted my younger brother to study.

( I could not respond for a moment. But then, I gathered courage and asked him further)

Me : I am sorry about the loss of your father. You are an inspiration for many. But tell me one thing, did you ever feel like giving up?

Him : Ummid nahi chhodi kabhi. Uparwaale par bharosa tha. Wo bhookha uthata jarur ha lekin bhookha sulata nhi. Meri maa kehti ha naseeb mei hoga to milega bus tu mehnat kiye jaa. Kabhi kabhi rona aata ha, baapu ki yaad aati ha lekin agar ma haar maan lunga to bhai aur maa kya krenge. Har raat k baad subah aati ha. Upar waale ne yaha tak pahucha diya ha, aage ka raasta b nikaal dega. (I never lost the hope. I have firm belief on god. You may get up hungry but he would never let you sleep hungry. My mother says if it is there in the destiny I will get it, i should keep working hard.Some times I cry, I miss my father, but if I give up then who will take care of my mother and brother. After every night comes the day. If god has brought me till here, I am sure he would show the path ahead as well.)

He also said he has enrolled himself into National Institute of Open School (NIOS) and would be very soon taking his class 12 exam in July 2017.

I had to get down as my stop approached. I wished him best of luck for his future.

From bus stop to my house, this conversation continuously moved in my head. That guy has seen the worst in life that one can ever anticipate but he did not gave up and what about us? One small failure and we start blaming others, get into depression etc.

I wanted to tell him it is not me who is lucky, it is him who despite all challenges has emerged as a true hero. May god grant him all success in life. Source : His Quora Answer..


Sunny Pandey

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