“Politics is more difficult than physics”

-Albert Einstein.

Trilok Singh
, For many years I’m studying “POLITICAL SCIENCE” (PS) in prestigious Colleges of Delhi University (DU), Named; KIRORI MAL COLLGE (Pursuing, PG) & SHIVAJI COLLEGE (UG), DEPARTMENT OF  POLITICAL SCIENCE (PS). So, I’m Sharing my own experience which tells about relevancy of studying PS in order to career and opportunities etc.. As a Student of Political Science its always been my immense pleasure to elaborate my thoughts on recent issues and relevant topics too.

In this very writing attempt has been made to understand the relevance of Political Science with the same regard. Therefore, there are hardly any universal notion of understanding due to changing context that we need to keep in mind while dealing with the CAREER IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Still, PS made me understandable about Institutions, Governance, Civil Society, NGOs, Corporates etc.. Which are the key of Social welfare and Development.

The Most important think i get after studying political science is that, I can understand the contemporary issues very easily and i may have a very deep eye on day-today; Social, Political, Economic, Cultural, National as well as International Event’s… It does not mean that, I’m advocating PS as a Career. Every Subject have own relevance too. All the readers the thing which i’m doing is that just i’m sharing my own views with you…

Importantly, “PS can Also lead to careers in the High Level Government Officers , Business, NGOs, Think tank, Electoral Politics, International Organisations, Journalism. While, Research and Publishing are typical occupation for the political scientist too. It also a very Significant base point for Professional  Education, Social Works, Research” etc..

In the light of  Civil services (IAS, IPS, IFS); Although, it is a competitive exam and requires other skills but still this subject (PS) also deals with Decisions and Policy Making, Bureaucracy, diplomacy etc). So, it can get you more familiar with the true nature of administration.

Moreover, Public relations specialists, Marketing researchers, Intelligence analysts. Political science majors refine their analytical skills while exploring policy initiatives and considering the ramifications of government actions. They are a combination of skills that qualify the candidate for the job and that prepare them to succeed in a professional workplace.  PS, which does not confine to Politics only nor does it concern about what is political but also about issues having social and ethical values.

Significantly, Very Hard skills are the more tangible Knowledge and skills that, you need to succeed in a particular job or industry. Technical and computer skills are examples of hard skills. However, the core tenets of my education sharpened my ability to question, imagine, and bring idea’s to life in education, business etc. Yes, They became the strengths that helped me to become who I am.

  Scope of studying PS in Recent Time

  1. The student/Scholars can get various scope to study functions of the Government, Foreign Affairs etc..
  2. Can become a political analyst in any leading news media, Political editor;
  3. Political advisor to our great ‘intellectual’ netas/politicans & Political parties;
  4. Can work in Human rights group, NGOs, National as Well as International Organisations, Teachers/Professors;
  5. Civil services, it is a competitive exam and requires other skills but still this subject (PS) also deals with Policy Making, Bureaucracy, diplomacy).

Consequently; In short, “PS is the study of Democracy, Governance, Institutions, values, Policies, Processes, Decision-making, Representation, Participations and much more”.. If, I would have  study other subject then i’m not able to understand this much. It also gives a practical framework to your ideas and perceptions. INDIAS JOURNALS  is one of them, which will retain the knowledge for all, and always gives opportunities to pen’s power. Its been my immense pleasure to share with you that from nowadays TRILOK SINGH who is the new owner of the INDIAS JOURNAL will take charge (01-01-2017). For the betterment and general welfare of education, for all. This is the place to talk about what drives you and your future plans and what’s unique about your process. So, Finally i’m very greatful to DU’s, JNU’s, RAU’S IAS and Such other Institutions Professors those who guided me and helped a lot.  All the Best all of us.

Trilok Singh, (The writer, is currently Honorary Student, Kirori Mal College, Department of Political Science, Delhi University) and CEO/Owner at IASmind and India’s Journals).

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