Has Modi’s Kashmir Policy failed completely? Is there any Possible Solutions?, Indo-Pak Diplomacy: PM Modi’s Pakistan Policy

(Trilok Singh; The writer/Author, is currently Honorary Student, Kirori Mal College, DU, Department Of political Science).

Trilok Singh, “India desires peaceful, friendly and cooperative relations with Pakistan, which require an environment free from terrorism and violence. Terrorism emanating from Pakistan and territory under its control has, however, severely limited and disrupted initiatives to build a stable relationship”.

No we can’t say that, Modi’s Kashmir policy failed completely? While, Modi s kashmir Policy had been a very successful. The Recent Steps which is taken by the Indian Army and ISRO (SAARC Satellite) is really Creative in nature. Recently, The kashmir people in fact the people who where responsible for creating instability feel it has failed, but it’s entirely opposite. Going into discussion, what was the point in just offering good scheme for development, when people shout anti National slogan. Healing touch for whom? Those who shout anti National slogan! So finally a right step taken.

Army has decided to go hard and harsh for anti national people. Curfew imposed and combing on, infiltration dealt with strong army power. All Seperatists leaders are challenged, do whatever you want, go to international community, go to Pakistan, go to UN find answers. They failed miserably and no support has come. Pakistan has cried loudly but no help. China staying away. Now Modi will continue this policy for one more year so as to change demographics. Peace will prevail with best of the development packages to Kashmir.

Modi government carries a baggage of over fifty years of molly-coddling separatists, spineless approach to terrorist organisations, vacillating approach towards Pakistan, a theocratic state, bent upon creating problems in Kashmir valley. Politicians in Kashmir valley do not appear to be hands on with people in their constituencies, and have given up their ground to separatists. PDP ruling Kashmir is well known for running with the foxes.

Media in quest of TRPs and obvious personal prejudices has gone out of the way to glorify terrorists. The only capable and sensible politician Omar Abdulla of NCP finds himself helpless in the present scenario. So do the good people in the valley. Modi as the prime minister of India has been performing his role in an excellent manner. But are others in the government equally good? Are the opposition parties helpful to the government in addressing a national issue on its merits or hampering the government just to be nasty? The present government should be supported for all the positive action it takes.

Indo-pak Bilateral meeting : on Terror and kashmir issues

Is Narendra Modi going to do anything about the Kashmir issue?

There are two parts in this question. One the main and one in details.

With the writing of Ravi Jhajharia; First the UN, Mr. Modi or any other prime minister for that matter is never going to go to UN to drum up support for kashmir issue. For India it is strictly a bilateral affair between India and Pakistan and there is no role for any third party in this issue. There have been attempts by countries such as US to intervene and try to find a solution but India resisted those efforts and is not going to change its position.

Now the main question, kashmir issue has two dimensions internal and external. Modi is right now focusing on internal. BJP is in power in J&K and Modi is planning to use this in the next six years and work towards economic development of kashmir by pushing infrastructure projects and promoting tourism and herbal medicines. Doing this will help in economic integration of kashmir with the rest of India and then we can move towards political integration.

For the external dimension of the issue, he has extended an olive branch towards Pakistan through the ‘SAARC yatra’ of the foreign secretary and hopefully it will convert to something more substantial but don’t hold too much hopes for it because India’s relationship with Pakistan has always been of one step forward two steps back. But with strong leader in India and Pakistan’s own war on terror though selective I must say can help in reaching something concrete. And the only realistic solution for kashmir is making of LoC as international boundary with more liberalised movement of people and goods between the two kashmirs.

Indo-Pak Diplomacy: PM Modi’s Pakistan Policy

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