Why do we need an International Yoga Day?

UN declared 21 June as International Yoga Day since it is the oldest science in the history of well being. Also it has been around since ancient times. The need for International Yoga Day is  to highlight  the significance, the importance of Yoga in our lives, which has been helping people around the world to deal with various health related issues and also set on a path to achieving peace and harmony in their lives.

We live in a fast evolving world, where we have no time to understand our true inner selves. We face stress on a daily basis. Yoga plays an important role helping us deal with the external environment factors head on with a calm and peaceful mind. World know the benefit of Yoga. They are not treating yoga as Indian culture. There are many programs related with yoga done in foreign country.

We should accept good thing of any country. We have some Pseudo-secularism  in India who don’t understand the benefit of good things. They join it with religion. The world is underscoring the fact that global health is a long term development objective that require s closer international cooperation through the exchange of best practice aimed at building better individual lifestyles devoid of excesses of all kinds. so, the world is recognizing that yoga provides a holistic approach to health and well being…

Yoga emphasizes on the awareness of consciousness. A 5000 year old school of knowledge spans much more than the physical “twists, turns and bends”. It is a profound science dealing with the soundness of the mind, body and soul. Over the years it has lost its sheen and diversified itself in rather subtle functionalities. With the  health graph of the world plummeting to unsatisfactory levels, it becomes imperative for the global community to find a way out of this quagmire. Acute and chronic diseases are spearheading quickly among the masses. Health expenditure amounts to around 70% of the total household expenditure. Moreover, the health facilities are not universal and highly skewed in their outreach with most of them outside the reach of the masses.

Illness,disease is one of the major causes of poverty. Furthermore, anxiety, hypertension and other mental diseases are taking a toll on the efficiency of human beings. Economically, they are not able to satisfy their material necessities. Socially, they are getting cocooned into water tight containers which does not allow them to celebrate the social mores affectively.

This leads to a gradual decrease in their empathy and cohesiveness which is causing a great harm to the various social institutions.This has manifested itself in form of rising number of crimes, violence, inequality and decline of ethics. All of these lead to the intellectual corruption and sanskritisation of misery and pain.
Never had the condition been too alarming for humanity till now.The initiative taken by the global community is a gesture towards the commitment for a brighter future. It is an initiative to enable the people let loose of their personal agonies and celebrate humanitarian ethos.The burden of proof is now on all of us to protect the society from getting intellectually,spiritually and morally corrupt. This gesture holds a hidden warehouse of better living for all of us….

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