Role of advanced technology in maintaining internal security of India

Discuss the role of advanced technology in maintaining internal security of India.

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Today we refer information and communication technology as advanced technology, which is a very powerful tool for any country to thrive its economic growth, not only economic growth it is helpful in various other growth aspects of a country. It is the role of this technology that today we can see a far seated person; we can talk a person sitting in one corner from another corner of the world. We cover a large distance in a short while it is all technology.

In the era of globalization the world has moved towards higher technology, world has reached space, we also have to keep pace with the world; we have to compete global standards, which can be achieved through advanced technology only. Here we will discuss only its potential uses in internal security scenario of India-

• All the new age war weapons are controlled with the use of ICT, they are helpful in saving our human capital by some automatically operated weapons. Like guided missiles, aircrafts etc. for example- Agni-V

• We can make use of laser technology, to fence our unfenced riverine borders with laser wall, which would be helpful in checking infiltration. for ex- Farheen laser was used by our BSF in Jammu district in riverine area near Indo-pakistan international border.

• With the help of RADAR system we can trace and track the spy satellites of enemies overhead us, we can detect missiles and other weapons of enemies coming into our region. For example we are developing, GAGAN and IRNSS for navigation purpose.

• E-governance initiative like CCTNS (crime and criminal tracking network system), can help tracking any criminal in one go, it would help modernization of police system and prepare police to face new age challenges.

• This technology can also be used to counter any cyber attack on our country.

• This technology can be used to aware and communicate public for security purpose.

There are many other direct and indirect uses of this technology, that is why India is moving towards, minimum government and maximum governance with the help of information and communication technology through its National E-governance program, and also there is a race to digitalize India.

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