Role of planning agencies in urban development of India (Abstract and PREFACE)


The development discourse in India has undergone huge change in the wake of globalization (Moreover, LPG), more specifically in the context of third world country. Now development is no longer a exercise which can be carried out merely by the government of the day in terms of infrastructure and tangible notion but at the same time it is a conceptualizations of human freedom that enable him/her to attain the highest possible goals through democratic means. In this very writing attempt has been made to understand the changing notion of development and role of planning agencies about the same. However, in India development paradigm differ hugely on account of myriad societal and economic norms. Therefore, there are hardly any universal notion of development due to changing context that we need to keep in mind while dealing with the concept of urban development in India. In the same light we must acknowledge the various challenges that we confront as far as the urban development is concerned. How we can get rid of these drawback in order to make our exercise more efficient.


In India the rapid growth has been both “sustainable and inclusive” but it poses formidable challenge for existing urban panning in India. The process of urbanization can be carried out by creating additional space
for them who are yet to become the part of said process. Redistribution of resources and people has to be there in order to make our cities more equitable that can be done only when there is a equal amount of share between rural and urban.
Our effort is here to assess the major aspects of urban panning in India. Hence, focus is on reorientation of urban planning to address the long standing challenges of urban cities, which are likely to be very important in India’s current stage of urban development. Read More…

International Conference (17-18 NOV, 2016) on Democracy and Secular Sectarianism Organized by Prof Ajay Gudavarthy

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