When is socialism anti-democratic?

When is socialism anti-democratic?

When it is authoritarian. Please Don’t confuse an economic theory with a political one. Socialism doesn’t necessarily mean democracy, but neither does capitalism. South Korea was a capitalist autocracy until 1987. It is argued that the Nordic countries are democratic socialist nations (although they are ruthless capitalists, so I never got that.) Now, between the two economic theories, socialism tends to cross over into political theory a bit more than capitalism. Socialism can also be corrupted a little easier because of its centralization of power. But, democracy is not the sole domain of free market economies. All democracy is, in a very small nutshell, is vote based decision making. But still beware of countries with the phrase “people’s republic” in them.

Considering socialism has not yet been brought into existence I guess you’re asking about state capitalist countries eg Russia, China, Cuba etc. lead by vanguard parties which marx and others warned about not being able to bring about socialism or democracy for that matter.Sadly because of these power grabbing groups and people being unwilling to find out for themselves the establishment of a system of society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of the means and instruments for producing wealth by and in the interest of the whole  community has suffered major setbacks.No modern state can be truly democratic because he, she or them who have the most money get the biggest say whether you have a 1 party system as in China or multiple party system as in britain.True democracy would be nothing more than the free dispensing of goods and services that cannot take place where any form of capitalism exists regards ian.

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