The Reasons to Have Women in Politics

When compared to past years, you can now see a major number of womens participated in the political activities. However, it is not at an equal ratio of the men who are actively participated in politics. A lot still requires to be done to offer women more room for political participation.

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It does look that overwhelming and huge representation of the women at the several political rallies has not changed to enhanced opportunities for the women to contest the election. In this article, you will understand the major reasons why should have female politicians.

Benefits of having women in politics

Even though the world has transformed in various aspects, women have succeeded in several fields but they are still underrepresented in the politics. When you search for the list of women in politics across the world, you will surely find few when compared to male.

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However, having the female participants in the politics are really beneficial for every government. Are you wondering how women politicians are beneficial? Well, go through the below-mentioned section to know the benefits of having female candidates in politics.

Women introduce more innovative ideas and even make them happen

Of course, women are not only excellent in launching innovative ideas but also take necessary steps to make them happen as compared to men. Since have different life experience than men, they used to bring the new view into the policy-making area. It includes the advent of bills involving aspects such as health, education, incarceration, and so on. They always implement policies that are helpful for the citizens and government agencies.

Women politician prioritize women problems

Are you someone who cares especially about women’s rights? Well, in the legislature are more prone to prioritize the issues such as maternity leave, reproduction rights, and equal pay over their male counterparts. Throughout the political history, also have fought for their mothers and families.

Women consider average citizens in the process of decision-making

Many voters place a huge standard on the transparency in Government and in the office also agrees. A report shows that about 57% of legislators opted for the government in the public views, instead of government behind the closed doors when compared to 32% of men. The same survey also reports that were being more responsive to make the perfect decision.

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Besides, women politicians will also render a space to enjoy the economic benefits. Most importantly, more in the political office would give a room for the advent of more women leaders.

Author, Nabin is living in India. Nabin Sri is part of our authors community since 

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