Indias Journals : Launch Delaiyed

Indias Journals : Launch Delaiyed

As we work to put the final touches on the first redesign of the Indias Journals in over 1 years we want to make sure that everything works and that all of the features you count on are working properly. Over the course of this week it became apparent that everything wouldn’t be ready in time to launch the new website (Indias Journal) on OCT 2, 2016 as planned. Rather than going ahead with a site that we knew wasn’t quite ready we made the difficult decision to push back the launch of the redesigned to OCT 19 & 2016

Indias Journals Owner believe that Journals in Indian history always plays a crucial role either in pre-independence or post-independence era. INDIAS JOURNALS gives you a sense of your freedom of speech and expression, research works, exploring the knowledge system, Brain washing the mind setup etc.

It also gives a practical framework to your ideas and perceptions. INDIAS JOURNALS  is one of them,which will retain the knowledge for all, and always gives opportunities to pen’s power. Its being my immense pleasure to share with you that from nowadays TRILOK SINGH who is the new owner of the INDIAS JOURNAL will take charge Shortly. For the betterment and general welfare of education, for all.

Updated analysis on URI Terror attack : Trilok Singh Live talks to National General Secretary, Ram Madhav.