December 5, 2020


STEM education helps to bridge the ethnic and gender gaps sometimes found in math and science fields. Initiatives have been established to increase the roles of women and minorities in STEM-related fields. STEM education breaks the traditional gender roles. In order to compete in a global economy, STEM education and careers must be a national priority. Each and every decision made uses an aspect of STEM to understand the implications.

STEM A Powerful Resource

According to President Obama, “The quality of math and science teachers is the most important single factor influencing whether students will succeed or fail in science, technology, engineering and math.” He believes, “Passionate educators with issue expertise can make all the difference, enabling hands-on learning that truly engages students-including girls and underrepresented minorities-and preparing them to tackle the grand challenges of the 21st century such as increasing energy independence, improving people’s health, protecting the environment, and strengthening our national security,” and I agree. In our rapidly changing, increasingly connected world, STEM is a powerful resource not only to enhance but also to transform teaching and learning.

STEM is Important

Because STEM is so important for our children, our communities, and our country, we must encourage our students currently in our educational systems, as well as future generations of students, to understand and embrace the technology that affects them every day of their lives. Students should be advised on the merits of taking as many math and science courses in middle and high school as possible. And these courses need to be taught by engaged and enthusiastic teachers using hands-on and minds-on activities. Making science and math courses fun and interesting will not only help students to learn, but will plant the “seed of interest” that could grow into an exciting and rewarding STEM career.

STEM is Everywhere

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics-STEM, and therefore, STEM education-are vital to our future-the future of our country, the future of our communities, and the future of our children. Besides, STEM is everywhere; it shapes our everyday experiences. From analyzing music, tracking down computer crime, to bringing extinct species back to life; So, whether your teen is obsessed with video games, or is a science-fiction nerd, there are opportunities out there for them to pursue their passion AND thrive in a successful career. It’s called STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Author, Author, Kim R Grimes is living in United States. Kim R Grimes is part of our authors community since  and has published 2nd posts.



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